Lolitas for Healthy Weightloss

Lolitas for Healthy Weight Loss
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Due to the discussions on egl concerning the topic of body image that were not readily welcomed, this community has been formed for people who are interested in Lolita fashion who would also like to discuss healthy weight loss and body image. When you're interested in a fashion that's basically "one size fits some" it's understandable that the topic of body image comes up as well as discussion about weight loss (and sometimes gain). I hope that this will be a community that can be open to discussion of these matters with like minded people. Please understand that this is a fledgling community so feel free to post suggestions on what you would like to see.

♥ This group will support HEALTHY weight loss; NO starvation or other pro-ED discussions here please.
♥ Please be supportive of Lolitas of all sizes. It does not matter if you are plus size, or a small. We all deal with body image no matter what our size.
♥ Please be constructive and courteous towards other members. People who are deemed rude by the moderator will be warned once and their posts/comments will be deleted. If they have to be warned a second time they will no longer be a member of our community.
♥ Pictures will be allowed as long as they contain no partial nudity. For example: if you'd like to show off your weight loss, please do! Just please do it fully dressed and in Lolita!

Posts we will allow:
♥ An introduction which can include your personal goals and what you'd like to see from this community.
♥ Recipes (especially those concerning Lolita lifestyle, such as tea party recipes)
♥ Questions, discussions, etc will be more than welcome as well

This is not a medical community of any kind and we suggest that you see your personal physician about any diet or exercise plan that you intend to take up. Any tips or suggestions are from people who have dieted before and wish to share their experiences, rather than advice from professionals.