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Hello Guys! 
  I joined this group way back when it was new, but i forgot about it and now that i need some inspiration. I decided to finally make a post. :) 

My stats: 
waist: 36" (belly: 42") 
hips: 43
Thigh: 24" (for one) 
lbs: 150.2 

My goal: 

lbs: 125 

i'm also on my fitness pal :candyhorse105
spark people: i'll update you later 
youtube: usagichan31 

I decided to go vegitarian and to start exercising. so I'll post a recipe that i've made once a week :) 
I also love protein shakes. but i dont drink them often. 

my favorite exercise is going to the gym. and going to Zumba or Body Pump (cardio weight lifting = body exercise). each class lasts a 1 hour. and i'm holding myself to exercise atleast one hour a day alternating cardio weights and cardio. i also have 2 horses that i need to go out and work with more (than sitting at the pc looking at lolita dresses). XD i also have homework and take the bus walking places when i need to go to school in the city. 
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On June 5th, 2012 10:26 pm (UTC), crimsonsparkles commented:
Hello there!

I'm also needing to loose weight. So, I'm with you here. I need to loose a bit more than you do, (almost twice as much) but I need the support of someone else, so that I can actually stick to it. (Which I need to, since i have a wedding to go to in August, and I need to fit into my dress, and be able to zip it!

I've been vegetarian for 9 years at this point, and while I'm not one to put others off of the idea, I will caution you to be sure you want to do it, and set how far you're going to go with it. I personally avoid consuming as many animal products as possible, but that gets difficult pretty fast. Chicken stock and gelatin are in everything!

If you'd like to be weight loss buddies, feel free to send me a message, otherwise, good luck! I wish you the absolute best!
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